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Fresh Features this Month | March

March 12, 2024
Virginia Murdoch
Head of Product

The latest and greatest updates to EQL:

Shopify integration improvements: pull variant details and decrement inventory

We’ve made some updates to our Shopify integration that will enable EQL to pull variant details directly from Shopify – this should save you a bunch of time entering product information. We’re also continuing to make sure our integration conforms with Shopify API changes – if you receive an email from Shopify about this, we’re on it.

Early access: Predict demand with launch reminders

We’re putting the finishing touches on a new feature that will enable fans to sign up for launch notifications in the lead-up to your launch. It’s fully automated – fans will receive an email with the launch link as soon as it opens – and better still, you’ll get some great demand signals to help you calibrate your marketing efforts. If you’re interested in trying this feature out before we release it to everybody, let your Customer Success manager know.

New: Run Fair® fee for Adyen

If you use Adyen as your payment gateway, you can now apply the Run Fair® fee on your launches. The fee shifts some of the cost of running launches to your fans (who benefit from our services as much as you do), and has been used successfully across dozens of launches since it was introduced back in October. There’s a configuration step involved, so if you want to try this out, please chat to your Customer Success manager to get started.

Sneak peek: Invite-only launches

We’re working on a way for you to give your most special customers the red carpet treatment. You will be able to allocate inventory to a group of hand-picked individuals and invite them to transact at their convenience, within a fixed time window. Unlike raffles, these launches will be instant transactions, with every invited VIP guaranteed access if they choose to take up the offer. We are very keen to speak to those of you who think you might have a use-case for this feature – please help us make it the best it can be!

Little snacks:

  • You can re-order product variants in the launch configuration form – a life-saver if you accidentally skipped one when you were setting up your product.
  • You can mark a launch as a test – this doesn’t obviously make your life better, except that it makes it easier for us to keep tabs on what’s happening and support you better. If you’re running tests, we’d love you to use this!
  • You can update your sender and reply-to email addresses in the Portal
  • The EQL launch rules panel on launch pages has had a little glow-up – it’s a bit more compact while being easier to read.
Virginia Murdoch
Head of Product

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