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We partner with iconic brands to put fairness first. Here's what they say about EQL.

The DNA of Nike is built on innovation, so partnering with EQL just makes sense. The EQL Team is leading the way when it comes to innovation in launch and fairness, and we couldn’t be happier with the partnership across the Pacific marketplace. Nike Member’s know they have a fair chance when entering an EQL raffle in a Nike Store.

Ashley Reade, VP/GM, Pacific

We partnered with EQL to help us harness the demand and put products in the hands of those deserving of them, in the fairest way possible. They make it easy.

Evan Auerbach, Brand Director

Our partnership with EQL has allowed us to manage the overwhelming demand for our extremely limited supply of whisky, created a better experience for the customer and provided us with valuable information to better serve our customers".

Adam Sable, Managing Director

I’m incredibly relieved to be partnering with EQL — and its friendly, supportive team — to protect my releases from professional resellers. Thanks to EQL, my true collectors can conveniently score my limited edition prints and posters. Launching a new poster is fun again."

Chuck Sperry

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