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We’re introducing a Run Fair® Fee

October 8, 2023
Andrew Lipp
CEO & Co-Founder, EQL

The people who run EQL have all been deep in sneakers, collectible cards, action figures, mechanical keyboards, and anything else worth collecting. We’re fans, too. The reason we started EQL is because we wanted to create a level playing field to get the products we’re passionate about, and we felt that didn’t exist yet. 

We’ve seen a lot of progress in this mission — building the future of fairness is a huge task and we truly believe in it, and in being transparent about everything, including this fee. 

Why a Run Fair® Fee?

We agree nebulous fees are bad. So we want to be clear about what this is for:

The Run Fair® fee ensures we can continue to make launches fairer for you, the fans, while also making it easier for more brands to run more launches for the products you want most.

The fee will help us continue delivering value so you can continue to gain better access. And, importantly, you only pay this fee if you successfully secure a product through one of our hosted launches. (It’s not right that everyone should have to pay just for the chance to participate or to increase their chances. We know some do this, but we won’t). The Run Fair® fee is based on the price of the product, starting at $1.99, and most commonly between 2.5% - 5%, and is adjusted based other factors including the expected demand and other launch characteristics. Get more details about the fee in our FAQs here.

If you’ve ever entered a certified Run Fair® launch before, you’ve seen our tech at work. Unlike traditional commerce platforms, we have to approach each launch differently, so we’re constantly investing in:

  • Rewarding fair entries: so real, genuine fans have the most legitimate chance at getting the products they love. We see on average 34% of entries either coming from bots or people trying to cheat the system and have to evolve our tech as they do.
  • Securing your data - We received the ultimate certification in security and compliance to ensure your information stays safe. 
  • Streamlining your experience - no waiting in queues, no crashing sites, no password dilemmas.
  • Improving your odds - Our EQLizer gives you a better chance at winning with every loss.

We’re committed to continuously scaling up all of this to serve these needs. High-heat launches are a different beast, and this fee will help us to shape a solution to everything they throw at you and us.

What’s Coming next…

You'll start to see some new account features rolling out that will help you keep track of your wins and losses and manage your details for faster entry. There is a lot more to come that’ll dial up the experiences you have with high-heat products, iconic brands, and retailers.  

We believe fairness and transparency go hand-in-hand. We'll continue to make fairness a priority and hope to put more products you love right where they belong – in your hands.
Andrew Lipp
CEO & Co-Founder, EQL

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