Meet the stamp that matters

Every launch powered by EQL is certified Run Fair®. Retailers commit to running their launches fairly and customers agree to participate honestly. No bots, no fraud, no funny business.

Who's running fair?

Run Fair® is fast becoming the industry standard for launches done with integrity.

Spot the Run FAIR® stamp?

It means the launch is in good hands.

Humans Only

Through the EQLizer, every entry goes through a multi-step verification process that confirms you are a human, and only humans win.

Single Entries

Entries are deduplicated against unique identification tags, and you’ll hurt your chances with duplicate entries.

Private & Secure

We use best in class security protocols and comply with GDPR standards to make sure your information is always safe and secure.


Once you have a verified EQL account, participating in launches becomes a breeze.

When a launch is Run Fair®, it's a win-win.

Customers win

EQL’s platform prevents bad actors from entering raffles and ruining the fun. But it also lays down that customers play by the rules: one entry per launch, no multiple accounts, and real information. Every time a customer participates fairly, they get rewarded and their chances at future wins increase.

Retailers win

By partnering with EQL, they agree to launch fairly with the intent of getting as many products as possible into the hands of real customers.

In return, our platform eliminates bots and fraudsters from taking stock, helps retailers stay on top of inventory, and provides access to opportunities to connect with real customers. Retailers also get valuable insights on demand, so they can make informed business decisions.

Why fairness?

For too long eCommerce technology hasn’t held up to the demand of the hottest products and experiences. Retailers have been stuck hacking together tools and platforms that aren’t built to manage the chaos and maximize the hype. As a result, the playing field hasn’t been level and products are getting into the wrong hands. It’s not fair, and both customers and retailers lose out.

It’s time for a revolution in both technology and fairness. We want retailers to sell their inventory to as many real customers as possible. A win-win. It matters who’s buying and how, because it means retailers can connect with real customers, and improve how some of the most passionate customers out there experience what they love—from sneakers to whiskey, collectibles to events, and much more.

So we’re building and constantly improving our end-to-end platform, purpose-built for heat, and putting fairness at the center of it. More trust, and a better launch experience for everyone.

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