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How much time and money do fans plan to spend on passions in 2024?

EQL surveyed more than 900 fans to find out why they buy, how they buy, where they interact with the brands they love most, and how much time and money they plan to spend on products they're passionate about in 2024. Download the full report to see all our exclusive insights, plus predictions on the top 4 things brands can do this year to ignite fandom in their communities.

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Break through the
cultural zeitgeist

We're shining the light on brands who stood out in the cultural landscape of 2023 by thinking beyond conversion to driving connection. And sharing ideas for how your brand can do it, too.

Fandom and community

The driving force inspiring fan engagement
is social connection. To be a fan is to be part of a community.

Check out a few of the strategies top brands used to nurture their fandoms over the past year.
Learn just how much time and money fans expect to spend on their passions in 2024, and how it compares to 2023.  
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Lifestyle-ification of Fashion

From surfing to camping, this year saw the hottest launches taking their cues from a more holistic approach to living.

Learn how brands and retailers are shaping their product strategy to gain a slice of the $4.3 trillion dollar lifestyle sector.
How brand loyal are today's fans? EQL surveyed our fanbase to find out.
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Age of Nostalgia

Gen Z consumers are pushing back on the pace of life ruled by the technology of today, longing for simpler times.

Get insight into the powerful role nostalgia plays in commerce and how brands who understand it can harness it's power.
Want to know which emotions truly drive fans to buy, and whose fault is it when high-heat moments flop? Our fans shared their answers...
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Future-Proof Products

As young people further understand the impact of their choices on the environment, sustainability is evolving from a 'nice to have' to a non-negotiable.

See the creative ways brands are rethinking how they weave fashion and sustainability together as 'just having green iniatives' is no longer enough for fans.
Learn just how much more Gen Z and Gen Alpha are willing to pay for sustainability.
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EQL helps the world's most in-demand brands maximize their launches. We've run more than 4,000 high-heat launches for brands like Nike, Topps, Crocs and more reliably, securely and fairly, putting more products into the hands of more fans.


Soon Futures is a think tank focused on human insights, distilling social sciences and triangulating findings with emerging attitudes, ethnographic foresight, and cultural signals; bringing tomorrow to life today.

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