EQL+ Terms

Last updated: 8 July 2024


The EQL+ terms (“EQL+ Terms”) set out below relate to the provision of exclusive account features by EQL Launches Pty Ltd (“we”, “us”, “our” or “EQL”) to you.

The terms are supplementary to the standard EQL Terms and Conditions (“Standard Terms”), Privacy Policy and any other agreement (if any) between you and us. In the event of any inconsistency between the EQL+ Terms and the Standard Terms with respect to the services set out below, the EQL+ Terms shall apply.



  1. EQL+ is designed to provide subscribed Users (“Subscribers”) with access to an elevated experience of EQL and our Launches.

  2. The conditions and requirements of EQL+ access, as well as the scope of inclusions and features of EQL shall be determined at EQL's discretion. 
  1.  Access to EQL+ requires:

    3.1 Subscribers to complete the EQL Account verification process as set out under the “Verification” heading below – i.e. Users must have a Verified User Account; and

    3.2 pay any applicable fees as set out by below.

  1. The inclusions and features of EQL+ shall change from time to time, but at the date of these EQL+ Terms shall include:

    4.1 a waiver of any applicable RFF that would otherwise be payable to EQL on Launches where you are successful, provided you have an active EQL+ subscription;

    4.2 exclusive early access to new EQL features as applicable and determined in our discretion;

    4.3 access to EQL+ only communities and channels (e.g. on Discord) as applicable and determined in our discretion.


  1. The verification process requires Users to submit identity documents which are independently reviewed, and if verified linked to a User’s EQL Account (a “Verified User Account”).
  1. Users wishing to complete the verification program to set up  can do so by entering and completing the process embedded into the EQL+ sign up flow at http://app.eql.com/subscribe.  
  1. A key component of the verification program is the use of the third-party service Stripe Identity. By making a submission to join EQL+, Users will also be agreeing to be bound by the Stripe Identity terms.
  1. Users will be required to submit a form of government ID, and may also be required to submit biometric information as determined by Stripe from time to time. The submission of this personal information to Stripe shall be in accordance with Stripe’s Privacy Policy and privacy practices.
  1. EQL may gain access to personal information that you provide to Stripe Identity such as copies of government ID documents. Any such access by EQL shall be for the purpose of verifying your EQL Account, and providing you access to EQL+ and any other verified-only services or components of our Platform that we may make available from time to time. EQL’s access to such documents shall be subject to the practices set out in EQL’s Privacy Policy. Our access of the information you submit to Stripe Identity shall be as a processor, not a controller of that personal information.


10. Access to EQL+ requires Users to have an active EQL+ subscription. 

11. To activate an EQL+ subscription Users must complete the entry flow at http://app.eql.com/subscribe and pay the EQL+ Fee  (defined below) applicable to the relevant subscription term as designated and communicated from time to time. To be clear any EQL+ subscription fees are variable beyond the applicable Subscription Term (defined below), but we will provide advance notice of any changes to the relevant fees.

12. EQL+ access requires the relevant subscription fees, and any other charges such as taxes or possible transaction fees you may incur in your use of the Platform, to be paid in full.

13. The default subscription term applicable for EQL+ Subscribers is monthly (i.e. 1 calendar month), though additional subscription terms may be made available in EQL’s discretion (“Subscription Term”).

14. Active EQL+ subscriptions shall automatically renew for successive, equal Subscription Terms unless you cancel your subscription.

15. You may cancel your EQL+ subscription at any time, for example if you do not agree to a pricing change that has been notified. You will continue to have access to EQL+ until the end of the Subscription Term that is active. 

16. To the extent permitted by the applicable law, payments are non-refundable and we do not provide refunds or credits for any partial Subscription Terms or unused EQL+ services or features during a Subscription Term.


17. The status of an Verified User Account shall be determined in EQL’s discretion, and future changes to the EQL Account verification program may change or alter the requirements to secure the verified status.

18. In accessing EQL+  you may be exposed to proprietary and confidential information, and we will be exposed to potentially confidential information set out in your government ID documents. Both you and EQL agree not to use or disclose confidential information relating to, owned by the other except as required for the purposes of the EQL verification program.

19. If you would like to delete an EQL account (whether linked to an active EQL+ subscription or not), please submit an account deletion request from the email currently linked to your account. 

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