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Fresh Features this Month | September

October 2, 2023
Virginia Murdoch
Head of Product

We’re constantly releasing new features and improvements, but we’ve been terrible about sharing the good news. Welcome to the first of our monthly product updates, in which our Head of Product will share the details of what’s new and what’s coming.

This month:

  • Post-entry campaigns
  • The Run Fair® fee
  • Locals-first launches
  • Launch analytics improvements

Post-entry campaigns

Where should your customers go after they enter a launch? It's up to you!

We've added a feature that allows you to direct traffic from the entry confirmation screen to wherever you like – maybe a related product in your store, an offer crafted specially for launch entrants, your Instagram, or something else entirely. You can find this new option in the launch configuration screen of your retailer portal. We expect to do a lot more here over the coming months and would love your feedback about what works and what you wish you could do. Hit us up here with your ideas.

Run Fair® fee

EQL retailers can now choose whether or not to levy a fee from launch winners to help offset the cost of running a launch. Unlike pay-to-play launch platforms, we believe that only successful entrants should be helping bear the cost of running fair launches.

You can toggle the fee on or off from within the launch configuration screen – more about it here!

Locals-first launches

If you run a brick-and-mortar store, you know that your most loyal and valuable customers are the locals – the folks who line up for launches, the ones who drop in when they're in the neighborhood to see what's new, the people who bring their friends and families.

We have made it easier for you to reward those locals while still opening launches to a larger audience to ensure you're not left with unsold stock. To use this feature, configure an appropriate local radius under 'stores', and then choose the 'locals first' option in the launch configuration.

Launch Analytics Improvements

We've made it quicker to access critical launch data by bringing the most important stats into the portal, so you'll now see entry count, winner count, and hype score on the launch listing page. From there, you can also drill into the new live launch dashboard by hitting the 'analytics' link. Fancy, eh?

Launch data summary
Live launch dashboard

Coming soon...

  • Set up multiple VIP lists, and choose which apply to each launch
  • Streamlined launch entry for your customers, including password-less logins
  • Launch-level shipping configuration options
Virginia Murdoch
Head of Product
Virginia is EQL’s Head of Product and leads our Product Management and Product Design teams. Before jumping into our rocket ship, she led Product teams at none other than CultureAmp - and was a huge part of their success. Outside of her role at EQL, Virginia is an avid writer and has been absolutely bitten by the exercise bug (seriously she uploads to Strava on the daily!)

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