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How the EQLizer Score Works

May 2, 2023
Virginia Murdoch
Head of Product

Hi! You’re here because you’re wondering exactly how the EQLizer works to help you get your hands on the products you love – maybe you’ve entered a bunch of launches and still haven’t hit, or you’ve heard about EQL and you’re curious about what makes us fairer than the other platforms.

First up, it’s important to remember that products are in very limited supply in any EQL launch. Success will always be rare – we frequently help run launches where the number of people trying to buy the same products are off the charts (even after bots are eliminated; there may be between 50 to 1000 entries to every one product). Quantities are determined by the retailers and brands we work with and are often outside their control, and this means that not everyone who enters an EQL launch will be successful.

Although we can’t change this, what we do is ensure fans who enter legitimately are recognised and rewarded for their persistence.  

The EQLizer Score is one very simple tool we use for this, and here's how it works:

  • Every EQL account starts with an EQLizer score of 1.
  • When you enter fairly and are unsuccessful, we add 1 point to your EQLizer score.
  • If your entry is successful, your EQLizer score is reset to 1.

(This is a simplified picture, but you get the idea)

When the launch closes, every entrant is assigned a unique and arbitrary number. There is no way of influencing this number – it’s not affected by past wins and losses, loyalty, phases of the moon, number of Instagram followers or anything like that, it’s just a number. Entrants are then ranked by their respective numbers, from smallest to biggest (smaller is better). For every EQLizer point you have, the system generates a new number – if it’s better than the original one, then this becomes your number, and if it’s worse we throw it away.

For example, if you have an EQLizer Score of 3, the system generates three numbers – say 67, 281, and 14 – and picks the best, which in this case is 14. Whether or not 14 is enough to be selected to purchase a product will depend on how much inventory there is in the size or selection you entered for. If it's not available you'll get an even better shot next time, because you'll now have an EQLizer Score of 4. 

The EQLizer Score is retailer-specific, so if you enter launches across multiple stores, you'll have a separate score for each store. We do this to reward loyalty, but also because we run launches for a range of different types of products, and the heat can vary – it’s very different entering for 1 of 5 rare bottles of whisky than it is entering for 1 of 1000 pairs of sneakers. 

So, that’s how the EQLizer Score works. Of course, the entire EQLizer algorithm is more complicated to ensure that bots can’t game the system, but the idea is the same: reward real fans. No tricks, no funny business. Each time you enter a launch fairly and miss out, you get a better shot next time.
Virginia Murdoch
Head of Product

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