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Promote your Limited-Edition Whiskey Release in 2024 with a Kick

December 1, 2023
Audrey Fairbrother
Sr. Content Marketing Manager

2023 is drawing to a close, and it brought some particularly special rare whiskey releases that got collectors salivating. But aficionados have already set their sights on 2024, and what rare, limited-edition whiskeys await us in the new year. How will whiskey brands capitalize on that energy and enthusiasm?

In this article, we will explore some creative ways to promote your rare whiskey release in 2024, drawing from some of the best brands in the game. From understanding the unique features of your whiskey to building a community of whiskey enthusiasts and leveraging social media and online platforms for engagement, the new year holds nothing but opportunity for master distillers.

Marketing your Whiskey's Unique Features

Before diving into promotional strategies, it's essential to understand your customer, the story you need to tell, and what makes your product different. As we've shared in previous articles, a good narrative can really help set your release apart. So what makes your whiskey a must-have add to a collection? Is it a single malt, bourbon, rye, Irish whiskey, or scotch? Does it have any special aging process or flavor profile?

Whiskey fans have myriad options, and the better you articulate the value and unique properties of your product, the better you'll capture their attention and interest. Be detailed and specific when it comes to crafting your marketing messages so that you target the right audience and get them excited about your upcoming release.

Drawing Inspiration from Best-in-Class Brands

To create a successful marketing campaign around your launch, draw inspiration from those who are already doing it well. Study the brand strategies of producers like Buffalo Trace, Woodford Reserve, Johnnie Walker, Compass Box, Weller, and Jim Beam. 

Analyze their social media promotions, limited edition whiskey releases, and launch tactics. Take notes on what works well for them and adapt those strategies to suit your brand. From Kentucky to Japan, makers are finding new and innovative ways to capture connoisseurs' attention, and there are plenty of lessons for any brand to learn just by paying attention.

Case Study: Sullivan's Cove's Marketing Strategy

Sullivans Cove Rare Whiskey with Cask

Australia-based Sullivan's Cove, a partner of ours at EQL, are masters of the launch. Not only do they consistently deliver excellence with their product (they have several World's Best laurels to their name, and were also named the 2022 Icons of Craft Whisky Producer of the Year), but they are also adept at making a splash with their limited-edition drops.

One thing that Sullivan's Cove does particularly well is creating exclusivity with every release. As a single-cask producer, every release is unique — the flavor profile is defined by the features of the particular barrel and spirit blend, unable to be replicated. Sullivan's Cove tells this story as part of its brand identity, helping its followers understand how their approach to distilling creates one-of-a-kind whiskies that are matured to perfection before being released.

Additionally, Sullivan's Cove uses social media to inform its followers of upcoming releases and generate excitement for the product. And because they understand that losing out on competitive releases gets frustrating, they build a commitment to fairness into every one of their launches. By using EQL, they effectively filter out bots and duplicate entries to ensure that only true fans are winning their limited-edition whiskies — and anyone who misses out on one drop will automatically get a better chance on a future auction, encouraging fans to keep trying.

Building a Community of Whiskey Enthusiasts

whiskey limited edition release

People naturally seek community with others who share their interests. Connecting with others who have a similar passion enables people to form friendships and have more fun with their hobby, but it also allows them to get deeper into their subject of interest, taking recommendations from fellow fans and sharing news about upcoming releases. That's why creating or tapping into existing communities of fans interested in your product is a great way to approach marketing for your rare whiskey release.

In-person events are great, especially if your distillery is open to the public or has event space. Invite your local chapter of whiskey enthusiasts to get together for spirit tastings or informal hangouts. Or, see what else is going on in your community and what opportunities exist for you to sponsor or get involved with events that are already happening. If you're about to drop a rare release, consider hosting a party for fans or VIPs.

Tip: With EQL, brands can host a hybrid drop, upweighting fans who are on-site or local, while also making the release available to a broader fan base online.

When you bring people together over a shared love of whiskey, you'll start building brand loyalty and creating word-of-mouth marketing. Having an in-person component to any whiskey launch event or limited edition whisky release parties will generate additional buzz and enthusiasm.

Tap into the Broader Whiskey Community

Whiskey loosens our tongues in more ways than one — people love to talk about what's going on in the world of whiskey. Make sure your brand is a part of that conversation!

Reach out to journalists and professionals in the world of whiskey to directly share the news of your most exciting new releases and offer samples in exchange for an honest review. That way, people who are plugged into news related to whiskey will see your brand come up frequently and feel curious about what you have to offer, particularly when it comes to limited-edition releases.

Leveraging Social Media and Online Platforms for Engagement

Social media and online platforms are essential for whiskey brand promotion. In fact, in many ways, social media has taken the place of traditional word-of-mouth marketing. Connect with influencers who can tell their followers about your whiskey and share their expert opinion about your product. Bloggers may be willing to promote your brand in exchange for product, which will help to increase awareness of your offering.

In addition to working with influencers and bloggers, there are tons of opportunities to connect organically with online whiskey communities. Reddit, Facebook, Instagram, and Discord all host online forums for people to discuss whiskey (as well as tequila, scotch, brandy, and any other spirits). By joining the conversation on these platforms, you'll come across as a fellow aficionado and get people interested in what you have to offer.

Strategies to Activate Your Community for Promotion

40 year old Kentucky whiskey on a table

Getting your brand involved in a community of whiskey appreciators is a great step. When it comes to activating them for a promotion, the more social capital you have built up with your followers, the better. Plus, it never hurts to collaborate with other top brands who've built strong followings — like Eagle, 1792, Compass Box, and Hirsch. Doing a collab release or a joint launch event offers lots of opportunities for cross-promotion that will get your community of followers excited.

When you promote a release to your community, make the process clear. People have become wary of highly hyped releases that end up in chaos, spending hours in an online waiting room, or constantly refreshing browsers as sites crash under the increased traffic. By working with a platform like EQL that builds fairness and ease into every launch, you'll earn trust and appreciation from your fans who know they can count on your releases to be fair and even fun. Let fans know when to mark their calendars and what to expect from the launch process so that they can have the best shot at snagging some of your whiskey — and to generate excitement and keep them talking well before your launch goes live.

Give your 2024 Whiskey the Release it Deserves

The market for fine whiskeys is increasingly competitive, and it's harder than ever to stand out with a new release. First, focus on your product — no amount of marketing strategies or promotional tricks will take the place of quality when it comes to your whiskey releases.

Then, tell the story of your whiskey and why it's special. Is it a single cask like Sullivan's Cove? What aging process was used? Is it a 30-year-old bottle? In what ways does it compare to other popular whiskeys, and in what ways is it completely unique? Was there a whiskey brand collaboration involved? Are you using limited edition packaging to make this release especially exciting?

Whatever sets your 2024 whiskey releases apart from the rest, be sure to spread the word well, and get the message to the right communities of people who will amplify your efforts even further by sharing your brand with their own connections.

When you're ready, set your release dates in advance and make sure everyone who's interested in your brand knows how to get their hands on your product. 

Be very clear about the process — will it be a limited edition whiskey raffle? Do VIP followers have a better shot? Will there be an in-person launch party? Exclusive tastings? Including all of these details from the beginning will help your release make a splash, especially if you encourage people to take part in an advance registration. Get the word out via email, public relations, social media, and in-person events. And make sure to bring on a technology platform that can handle the heat.


Promoting a rare whiskey release requires a combination of creativity, strategic thinking, and community engagement. By understanding the unique features of your whiskey and drawing inspiration from best-in-class brands like Sullivan's Cove, you can develop a marketing strategy that sets your release apart.

Building a community of whiskey enthusiasts and activating them for promotion through social media and online platforms is crucial for generating buzz and excitement. To make your 2024 release stand out, consider innovative tactics such as limited edition packaging, exclusive tastings, and collaborations with influencers or local businesses. By utilizing these creative approaches, you can ensure that your rare whiskey release receives the attention it deserves and attracts both whiskey connoisseurs and new customers alike.

Want help deciding what type of launch is best for you? EQL can help. Get in touch here.
Audrey Fairbrother
Sr. Content Marketing Manager

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