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Fresh Features this Month | October

November 3, 2023
Virginia Murdoch
Head of Product

Some recent product improvements for your enjoyment:

New: entry cancellation confirmation email

When your customers cancel a launch entry, they’ll now receive an email confirmation containing a cancellation ID. This is both the correct and polite thing for us to do AND a way of them proving that they did in fact take this action – which can be helpful in disputes. If a customer contests a purchase, you can ask them to supply a copy of the cancellation email, and CS team can help you make sure that it’s legit. (If customers claim not to have received an email, we can investigate this too – again, email or speak to your Customer Success manager!)

New: upload a CSV file of inventory

You can now upload inventory in CSV format, rather than manually entering every line. This will be particularly useful if you have multiple stores or particularly complex products.

New: create multiple VIP lists

Previously, you’ve been able to specify a single VIP list that applies across all launches. Now, you can upload multiple VIP lists and choose which applies to each launch. This makes VIP lists much easier to manage. Some fun use cases we’ve heard recently:

  • Hold an in-store launch party and add attendees to a VIP list. Run a live launch, and give those folks a first look for their extra effort – while still allowing others to enter.
  • Use the VIP list to ensure that past winners of items from a collectible series have a chance to complete their whole set.

For security and compliance nerds: we are SOC2 certified and have renewed our PCI certificate for another year

In September, EQL achieved the SOC2 Type 1 security certification and renewed our PCI DSS Level 1 compliance. The SOC2 certification attests that all our product- and service-related systems and processes meet industry-standard security and privacy protocols. The SOC2 control areas in scope range from common security criteria to system availability, data confidentiality, and privacy requirements for handling personal information.

The PCI DSS compliance primarily focuses on protecting the confidentiality and security of payment card data, reducing the risk of data breaches and fraud. This compliance attests that EQL has taken the necessary steps to safeguard this critical information and protect the interests of cardholders and the payment card industry.

In simple terms, these certifications demonstrate our commitment to strong information security practices, data privacy, and the protection of customer data. Beyond the enhanced trust and credibility, it positions us as a secure and reliable service provider.

Improved: per-launch shipping configuration

Until recently, shipping rules were set at an account level, which made it tricky to run simultaneous launches with different requirements (for example, you couldn’t run a launch with domestic-only shipping AND a launch with international shipping at the same time). Now, you can override shipping details on a launch-by-launch basis.


One final thing: until last week, we were still doing some artisanal, hand-rolled, micro-brewed launches using the manual process that we built when we first started EQL. As of last Monday, all our retailers can now use the self-service retailer portal to create and run launches. This is mostly an us-thing, not a you-thing, but we wanted to celebrate it anyway – it means that we can put all our energy into making the Portal better for everybody.
Virginia Murdoch
Head of Product

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