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November 16, 2023

EQL’s always keeping an eye on the world’s hottest product launches. What defines hot? Well, we size up demand, scarcity, technology struggling with the heat, and if there is a lucrative resale market. 

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November 2023

🔥❄️Frozen’s on fire. Yep. The 10th Anniversary Anna and Elsa Limited Edition Frozen dolls brought the heat selling out immediately. Originally priced at US$350, these treasures are now melting hearts at almost twice that on resale. 

🖼️ X-men by Tom Whalen and Indiana Jones by Hugh Flemming were quite the hit. Unfortunately, it seems no heroes were around to stop the bots from getting their hands on this treasure with resale at 2-3x the originals. 

🎸 We’re definitely feeling some heat around Joe Strummer's poster drop on Obey Giant. Based on what we’re seeing, we would expect resale for this one at around 2x the original amount. 

🎮PlayStation is staying in the game as always, and portal remote players are the real MVPs, leveling up resell prices, likely from now until Christmas. 

🎟️ Tix for Green Day, King Gizzard, Melanie, Drake, PinkPantheress, and The Head and the Heart are up for resell at a pretty significant uptick in the US. 

👟 Kicking up a storm was Amine x New Balance Mini Mooz 610S, dropped with only 503 pairs. The low stock has some ebay listings skyrocketing.

🏀 Hoops Heaven and Rebel Sport slam-dunked with Nike Ja 1 Zombie's—which got snapped up faster than you can say “RUN”. 

Previous months:

October 2023

💀 Dia De Muertos Barbie: Tis the season! These are proving to be a hot grab, but even hotter if you include the matching Ken. #bettertogether

👻 Off-White x Monster High Collab from is also generating a lot of buzz with their ‘Memorabilia’ Capsule Collection, just in time for spooky season.

🌸 Denim Tears Cotton Wreath Sweatshirts are heating up, and some are already going for more than 50% of what fans originally grabbed them for.

🎮 Analog Pocket Limited Edition consoles that play original Gameboy cartridges are awesome — and are going bananas with folks snatching them up trying to flip them for double.

 🧴PaullieSkin is hinting at a skincare box restock, they were hit by bots and resellers the first time around, can they do it again?

⚔️ Born X Raised SB dunk lit up, sites crashed, orders were canceled and fans were taken on an emotional roller coaster. Is it the best dunk of the year? We think so.

🧭 Stone Island X New Balance drop was a cluster duck - the launch page went up, got taken down for 24 hours due to a load issue, then it went back up, only for the stock to be cleared out by resellers. If a site crashes in the woods, does anyone hear it? Yes they do.

👀 One to watch - Travis Scotts AJ 1 Low Neutral Olive Golf shoe launching this week. This is going to certainly be wild. Grab your 🍿

September 2023

🏉 Ticketek Australia strikes again. Collingwood fans called for a ticket system overhaul as members missed out on AFL - Australian Football League grand final tickets despite paying for top tier membership that guaranteed tickets. Ticketek, call us. Please. 

 🌅 J Balvin dropped the AJ3 Medellín Sunset on his own merch site. Password leaks, waiting in queues, bots clearing out stock, it had it all. EQL dropped it for 6 retailers and it went silky smooth.

🛹 Skate shops unleashed Pokemon x Santa Cruz blind bag skateboard decks! Originally priced at $250 RRP, these are now flying off eBay shelves for 4x.

🏈 AFL Select legacy boxes hit the market at $355 RRP, but they're now reselling for nearly double. One cook group went all-in, offering free checkouts to its lucky members. Rumour has it these transactions were then canceled by Select. Did they get them all?

👟 JD Sports Fashion released Triple Pink dunks FCFS, and some savvy botters were checking out 200 pairs at a time.

⌚️ Casio America, Inc. watch lovers, looks like there’s a loophole! Australian fans snagged the Casio Analogue Quartz Stainless Steel Blue Dial for $75 AUD shipped from the UK and flipped them on eBay for double.

🎀 Mattel, Inc. Creations' Barbie figurines at $88 RRP are still vanishing instantly, with resale prices soaring.

⌚ M.A.D Watches' viralsweep raffle offers a shot at a $5500 RRP piece. The last watch from them in a similar fashion is now reselling for $10-15k! 

⌚ Swatch Group x Blancpain collab watches are causing a complete frenzy reminiscent of the Moon Swatch launch. Lines were out the door!  Well done Swatch.

August 2023

🎤 The Weeknd tickets were flying off the shelves - 4x D grade tickets picked up for $424 and being resold as a set for $1100-1200. People were buying 50 - 120 tickets a day.

👕 Kaws x UNIQLO apparel launch had bots in action with the AU site going down. All items were up to 3x resale.

📚 Kaws book pre orders are heating up, especially the signed edition.

👟 New Balance x WTAPS 990v6's were a hit, with bots hitting NB’s Australian site.

👟 Yeezys are still in demand, with resellers stockpiling and waiting for the right moment to sell.

💰 $5 collectibles coins are turning into a goldmine, reselling for 50x. Would rather coin collectors get access to these for retail, right?!

🎮 Mattel, Inc. Creations like Monster High dolls and Hot Wheels cars are also hot at the moment.

🚗 The Nissan Motor Corporation Skyline Hot Wheel launch sold out in 1 minute.  Over the last months several Lamborghini's have also come out reselling for 3-4x with rumors of more to come.

🚀 Hasbro's Star Wars Vintage Collection "The Ghost" is soaring in resale!

📦 Funko Box of Fun Camp Fundays mystery boxes are a hit, with up to $300 in resale, 3x on retail.

🤖 Transformer Comic items are on fire at the moment, with a heap of excitement around acquiring these.

🏉 Too early to talk about AFL - Australian Football League finals tickets? Nope. Ticketek struggled with the load making it hard for Dees and Blues fans to get their hands on tickets. But we all knew that was coming ;)

When there is smoke, there is a fire, and that’s sometimes the smell of the launch tech burning. If you’re seeing this happen when you’re trying to get access to your favorite products, let us know.
EQL Staff

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