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Fresh Features this Month | November

December 8, 2023
Virginia Murdoch
Head of Product

The latest and greatest updates to the EQL product:

New: speedy entry

We’ve massively streamlined the entry process to make entering launches much faster for people who’ve used EQL before. This change has been in the wild for a few weeks, and in that time we’ve seen a dramatic decrease in time-to-enter. We expected these changes to be impactful, but they’ve gone even better than we could have hoped.

New: multi-quantity SKUs

It’s now possible to enable your customers to enter for more than one of a particular SKU (for example, 4 packets of trading cards). Your customers’ quantity selection won’t affect their chances of winning – if there is enough inventory available to allocate to them if their number comes up, then their entry will be successful.

New: product documentation

We’re in the early stages of building an index of product docs that you can refer to for support and inspo when you’re building out your launches. Let us know what you’d love to see in here and we’ll do our best to bring you the goods.

Improved: Shopify inventory handling

You now have the option to allow EQL to automatically decrement Shopify inventory during payment processing – this is a feature that many of you have been asking for a while. You can turn this option on by going to Shopify Integration settings in the Portal. Also, with the introduction of variant details, EQL orders will now correctly link to the products on Shopify.

Improved: payment failure handling

When we select launch winners and execute transactions, there are inevitably failures – people whose cards are maxed out, or whose card companies decline the transaction unexpectedly. We’ve introduced some new strategies for retrying payments that will result in more successful transactions and fewer cases where fans are left high and dry.

Sneak peek: shareable winner banners

In November we partnered with our friends at The Whitaker Group on their big Jordan 5 Dawn and Dusk drops. To help winners celebrate their success on socials, we released a special edition of the winner email with a screenshot-friendly image up top, and saw huge numbers of fans spreading the love as a result. We’ll be bringing this option to all accounts early in 2024 – if you’ve got feedback or ideas about this, let us know.

Sneak peek: ‘notify me’ pages

When you’re planning a major release and the buzz is building but you’re not quite ready to create your launch page, Notify Me pages are a great landing spot for curious fans. You can tease the product with a gallery or a video, show a countdown timer, and collect email addresses and customer info so that you can let people know when the launch is live. Check out this example we’ve put together for the Melbourne Marathon.

This feature isn’t generally available yet, but please let us know if it’s something you’d be keen to try.

Early access: Shopify integration improvements

We’ve got an early access program going for some updates to our Shopify integration that will enable EQL to pull variant details directly from Shopify (no more annoying typing!). If this sounds like something that would be particularly valuable for you and you can’t wait until general release, please let your Customer Success Manager know and we’ll see if we can hook you up.
Virginia Murdoch
Head of Product

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