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Fresh Features This Month | July

July 10, 2024
Virginia Murdoch
Head of Product

The latest and greatest updates to EQL:

It’s now easier to reward different groups of fans

We’ve massively improved the design of the audience prioritisation interface – it’s heaps easier to set up different audiences (by custom list or location) and you get to see live data to help you be sure that it’s all working as expected. We’ve still got some gas left in the tank for this one, and we’d love to hear your feedback so we can keep making it better.

Saved payment details

We now save payment details for users entering multiple launches within a single browser session – this makes it much faster for them to get through the process, and is great for situations where you’re dropping multiple items at once. We’ll eventually allow fans to save credit card details to their accounts so they never need to enter them, and we’ve had really encouraging signs from this small step.

Launch reminders work!

A bunch of retailers have adopted launch reminders since we rolled them out in May, and we’re seeing really good results, with excellent conversion from reminder to entry. Whether you’re running a long teaser campaign or revealing product details just a few days before launch, sending your fans to a sign-up page is a great way to make sure they remember to enter when the moment arrives.

Import Product Information from Shopify

We’ve made it heaps easier and quicker to link your Shopify products to your launches. You can now effortlessly import all your product descriptions, images, and variants, giving you more time to focus on your launch. for the true fans

We have a large number of super-fans in sneakers and collectibles who enter multiple launches every month, and we’re doing our best to make it as easy and rewarding for them as possible. We’ll share more about our plans here in a future update, but in the meantime you should check it out for yourself –

Shipping zones

You can now create shipping zones – groups of countries that share a single shipping rate – which makes it much easier to get up and running with global fulfillment, while still giving you control over where you ship.

Early access

We have a couple of great new features in early access – invite-only raffles (great for employee / friends & family drops) and launch collections which let you launch multiple products at once and combine shipping. We’re still polishing these and they won’t be right for everybody yet, but if you have a particular use-case in mind for either of them, reach out to your Customer Success Manager and they’ll see if we can include you in our early access program.
Virginia Murdoch
Head of Product

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