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Fresh Features this Month | April

April 26, 2024
Virginia Murdoch
Head of Product

Portal launch metrics

You have probably already noticed the new launch metrics in the Portal, but in case it’s been a few weeks since you ran a launch, here’s what you can expect to see next time you’re in there:

We’re gradually moving all the data you could possibly want or need into the Portal – if there are metrics that are especially important to you, PM Josh would love to hear from you! Your customer success manager would be very happy to tee up a time for you to share your thoughts, or you’re welcome to email and tell him all your innermost data desires.

Pre-launch account signup

In the lead-up to particularly hot launches, some of you get tons of questions from excited customers wanting to know if they can sign up for an EQL account before the launch opens. It’s definitely not necessary for them to do this, but if they’re used to slugging out with bots it can give them some comfort to be prepared – so we’ve built a flow that enables those folks to sign up whenever they like. The landing page is – and if you like, you can add your retailer subdomain to that link so that users see a version with your name on it, like

The brief onboarding flow explains how to Run Fair®.

New designs for Winner emails

To promote social sharing and Good Vibes, we’re updating our default winner emails with a new look that softly suggests (through the magic of design) that winners might like to screenshot their email and share it with their mates. We’ve done a bunch of experiments and seen really positive results here, so we’re excited to make this the norm for everybody.

This change will automatically roll out in the next week or so to all accounts using the defaults. If you’re not using the defaults but love what you see here, let your customer success manager know and they’ll organise to get you switched over.

Shipping zones

Shipping zones simplify global launches by allowing you to group countries into zones and add a single shipping rate, making it easier to manage shipping costs and attract global fans. If you are keen to use this feature but don’t see it enabled on your account yet, let your friendly customer success manager know and they’ll get it set up.

Sneak peek: launch collections

We’re deep into building much better support for launch collections, for occasions when you’re launching multiple products at once and you expect people to enter for more than one. Launch collections will have their own dedicated landing pages, a super-streamlined entry flow so that your customers having to enter their details multiple times, and an option to consolidate multiple line-items into one order with a single shipping fee.

If all goes well, we expect to release a preview to a few customers in late May, with broader roll-out coming in June or July – if you’ve got something coming up that would really benefit from these features, please reach out to your customer success manager and see if you’re a fit for our pilot. Otherwise, sit tight and it’ll turn up in your account soon enough!

Tasty morsels:

  • Launch reminders are now available to everybody – one click turns on a pre-launch signup form that will capture emails from keen beans and automatically remind them when the launch opens. We’re seeing great results with this!
  • We’ve done some work to speed up launch processing – in peak times we were seeing some launches get queued, and we know that a lot of you rely on quick turnaround so that you can get orders fulfilled.
Virginia Murdoch
Head of Product

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