EQL Named as One of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies in 2023

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Co-Founder at EQL
March 3, 2023

Something completely surreal happened this week at EQL: we made Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies list. It's an honor to not only be recognized, but to be in such great company. To be even mentioned in the same breath as these companies has knocked our socks off. We've asked the team to hit pause and take a minute to revel at this moment, as it's easy to breeze straight past it, and it's an occasion certainly worth marking. 

We started in 2021 with the simple mission of getting products into the hands of real fans, and we've been sprinting at that ever since. We wanted to make hype commerce – the buying and selling of scarce and highly talked about goods and experiences – easier for brands and retailers to manage and fairer for fans.

Acquiring those products you love, the ones you go into a complete frenzy for is a notoriously terrible experience. Sites crash, payments are a mess, and too often, scammers prevail, leaving real fans left empty-handed. EQL is the world's first ecommerce platform specifically built to protect the fan experience by helping them stand out amongst the riff-raff and get access to the products they want. 

These launches are also a nightmare for retailers to manage. They often have to pick through the launch rubble for weeks to right the wrongs of system failures and payment mishaps. 

Our platform is built on fairness. The RUN FAIR™ certification is quickly being adopted by retailers to signal to customers that launches are done at the highest level and all parties participating are doing so honestly and fairly.

In 2022, our first full year in existence, our partner roster grew nearly 200%. To date, we've supported over 2,500 launches, placing more than half a million products into the hands of verified, valued customers. Without rolling out a long list of "thank yous" and being prompted to get off stage by the orchestra, these awards aren't about the shiny object. It's about the trust our retailer partners have put in us to help them solve these hard problems. That's what has got us here, and we couldn't be more grateful for their support. 

We have a special bunch of folks here at EQL. Every day we come together and jam, and it always starts with the best intentions, is fueled by genuine care and is driven by constantly challenging ourselves. That’s the EQL vibe. That’s what will keep us growing at lightning speeds well into the future. 

We are so proud that Fast Company has recognized us as one of the companies making waves around the globe. This award is everyones. And we’re just getting started. 

Now LFG!


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