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The Power of Consistent Communication Throughout Your Launch

October 11, 2023
Mitchell Holder
Head of Marketing

Launching the world’s most in-demand products is a very different endeavor than your regular run-of-the-mill eCommerce. Which means your communication should be, too. 

High-heat launches are a different beast. From developing the product and telling the story, to rallying the community. They follow a different cycle, requiring a different mindset, and a different set of resources to be successful. 

Unfortunately, most retailers and brands spend too much time hacking together tools and platforms that aren’t built to manage high-heat demand, and the customer experience suffers. And when demand is high, so are emotions. Anything short of a seamless experience can lead to blowback. 

What your customers experience throughout the launch process is what they’ll think about your brand. If the site crashes, bots eat, they can’t figure out what’s going on, or you’re issuing cancellations? Woof.

The value of high-demand launches isn’t just commercial sell-through, often that comes easily. It’s actually about the connections you have an opportunity to build through creating a positive and well-informed experience—yes, even for those who aren’t selected. (In this case, bad news is actually better than no news at all.)

Don’t Take Our Word for It

Multiple studies have shown that clear communication between brands and fans is crucial. 

We’d argue this is even more true in the emotionally charged landscape of a high-heat launch.

So, what should you look to accomplish through clear launch communications?

Let’s dig into it: 

EQL makes the entire experience better for everyone. Generating excitement around your product is key to a successful launch, having the right platform (that’s us) is imperative, but equally important is the role that clear and consistent communication can play through that process (we help with that, too).

Here’s What Effective Communication Can Do to Maximize Your Launch Impact

Build More Trust

One of the reasons clear communication is so important is that it helps build trust with your customers. 

When customers feel that they are being kept informed and involved throughout the launch process, they are more likely to trust your brand and feel a sense of loyalty towards it. The transparency is appreciated, and that positivity is how you turn fans (again, yes, even those who don’t win) into paying customers and paying customers into loyal fans. 

Reduce Frustration

In addition, clear communication can help reduce customer frustration and confusion. 

When customers are left in the dark about the launch process or don’t receive clear information about whether their entry is confirmed, or if they have been selected for a limited product or not, it can lead to negative sentiment. You’re just left…wondering. Or, you have to spend additional time as a fan trying to figure out whether you’ve missed something. 

On the other hand, when customers are provided with clear and accurate information, they are more likely to have a positive experience and feel satisfied with their experience no matter what the outcome. 

EQL has seen this scenario play out on thousands of launches. Therefore, we offer consistent email communication on every launch we host and make it easy for retailers to confirm entries, and update those selected or not about their status after a launch closes. If a customer wants to see if the window is still open, or if they’ve been selected, the launch page is built to keep them in the loop, too.

Increase Meaningful Engagement

Clear communication can lead to increased customer engagement, too. By keeping your customers informed as the launch progresses, you continue the sense of excitement and anticipation. 

As a retailer or brand, this is where you can drive action—asking participants to follow you on social media, turn on notifications, subscribe to your email newsletter for updates, or even cross-sell other products. This increased level of engagement with your brand strengthens the connection and opens more opportunities with your fans. 

Bottom Line

With more than 4,000 launches that EQL has powered to date, we know customers love to be updated, regardless of the outcome. Keep them informed and involved throughout the process! You’ll build more trust, reduce frustration, and increase customer engagement and satisfaction. 

If you're looking to improve your launch process and connect with more customers, the EQL platform can help you do just that.

Reach out to learn more about how we can help you and your business thrive in the world of in-demand product drops and launches.
Mitchell Holder
Head of Marketing

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