Ultra Football Maximizes Launch Revenue with EQL

Maximizing Revenue

Ultra Football, headquartered in Melbourne, Australia is one of the largest multi-branded football stores in the world. But it’s much more than just a retailer, it’s a gathering place for the local football community—complete with a cafe for watching live games and an indoor pitch. 

Its mission is to be a space that’s ‘for football fans, by football fans,’ and that outlook has built a loyal following among its customers, both local and around the globe. 

We’re very much a team of football fans ourselves. We understood the frustration from other fans on not getting the products they wanted, so we started working with EQL to get products into the hands of the right fans.
-Nate Antonucci, Digital Marketing and E-commerce Manager

The Challenge

When Ultra Football began using EQL in March 2023, it was primarily to protect their online high-heat launches from the usual pains — bots, bad actors, site crashes, and disappointment from true fans.

However, in working with EQL over the past year, they’ve found value in the partnership far beyond just the launch moment. 

X Crazyfast Messi Elite FG - Spark Gen10s'

The Idea

In February of 2024, Ultra Football launched a new boot collaboration between Adidas and international football star Lionel Messi: X Crazyfast Messi Elite FG - Spark Gen10s. The launch came as Messi-mania reached a fever pitch — the eve of his first full MLS season kick-off for Inter Miami. 

To maximize the launch moment, Ultra Football turned to EQL.

“(Our Customer Success Manager) at EQL had mentioned the post-entry campaign feature to us a few times and we’d been keen to use it. We decided that customers who were interested in entering for the Messi boot might also be interested in some (Adidas) Inter Miami jerseys. The black jersey we had was already sold out, but the pink jerseys were moving a bit slower, so we decided to put those up with the launch,” Nate explained. 

The move paid off. Not only did Ultra Football see a 100% sell-through of the boots, but also a 12.6% click-through rate of the post-entry campaign promoting the jerseys, and a subsequent 30% conversion rate, harnessing the passion of the launch moment to generate additional revenue.

The team was really happy with that. We have a carousel on our e-commerce experience that suggests products based on what's in the customer’s carts as they’re checking out, but the conversions are nowhere near that high. In fact, they’re pretty low in comparison. 

The Outcome

Sell-through on the X Crazyfast Messi Elite FG - Spark Gen10s
Click-through rate on the post-entry campaign from launch entrants
Conversion from fans on the post-entry campaign who purchased a jersey

Given the success of their first post-entry campaign test, Ultra Football plans to use the feature on future launches exposing fans to new and complimentary products that support their passions. They even have plans to possibly tie post-entry campaign promotions to the store’s popular rewards program.

 We’ve loved working with EQL. We’ve had some great launches and have plenty more coming up. It’s a partnership we all feel really good about.


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