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Give your customers an experience they'll love, and get more value out of launches.

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Not all launches are created equal.

Trusted Reliability

Our platform was purpose-built for intense demand, preventing common issues that plague high-heat launches—bots, fraud, sites crashing, and unreliability.

More Control

We put retailers in control over the demand to ensure that the launch is optimized for your goals. Blegh. Insight + data goes here. Make better decisions yada yada.

Better Outcomes

With more trust in the process, and products getting into more peoples hands, you won’t just have happy customers, you’ll have more potential customers, too.

When we say end-to-end, we mean it

If you’ve got products that people really want, our platform prevents the headaches you don’t want.

Back-end infrastructure
Our platform is built to handle intense launches and make them simple – even if hundreds of thousands of customers may be knocking at your site.
Front-end page(s)
Every launch page is UX-friendly, developed to help customers get the information they need and glide through the entry process.
Team support
Ensuring your team feels at ease is what we do well, and our goal is to help you spend less time putting out fires, and more time feeling in control.
Bot Mitigation
Industry-leading fairness algorithm protects against bots, scammers, duplicate entries, and prevents bad actors from exploiting.
The EQLizer
Our machine learning algorithm, aka the EQLizer, rewards real customers. It drive release engagement from customers, and allows retailers to curate outcomes based on proximity, loyalty, and more.
Real-time Insight
Access your dashboard to understand the demand in real-time, track aggregate launches, and make decisions across marketing, allocation, and more.
Seamless Transactions
With payment details captured upfront, you’ll never chase an invoice and never undersell, oversell, or or inaccurately capture payment without the product to fulfil.
With above-industry-average opt-in rates, each launch is an opportunity to acquire more customers, create secondary sales moments, and selling more products to more people.
We easily integrate with all OMS systems to get products into the right systems and the right hands stat, no matter which platform you use to handle your day-to-day eCommerce operations.

Every launch powered by EQL is RUN FAIR™

How we certify that each launch is conducted with integrity, and everyone is commitment to honest participation. It’s quickly becoming the trusted stamp for high-heat launches.

We partner with iconic brands to put fairness first.
Here's what they say about EQL.

Partnering with EQL has been a great asset for our company. It has given us insight into valuable customer data and has allowed us to get our product in the hands of our true customers rather than professional resellers.

Andrew Jones - Director of eCommerce

The DNA of Nike is built on Innovation, so partnering with EQL just makes sense. The EQL Team is leading the way when it comes to innovation in launch and fairness, and we couldn’t be happier with the partnership across the Pacific marketplace. Nike Member’s know they have a fair chance when entering an EQL raffle in a Nike Store”.

Ashley Reade, VP/GM, Pacific

Our partnership with EQL has allowed us to manage the overwhelming demand for our extremely limited supply of whisky, created a better experience for the customer and provided us with valuable information to better serve our customers".

Adam Sable, Managing Director

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